Uyir Health Mix 500g / உயிர் சத்து மாவு

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Organic Uyir Health Mix
Organic Uyir
Health Mix is a unique product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. We created
Uyir Health Mix (UHM) using a carefully selected blend of traditional rice
varieties, millets, pulses, cereals, and spices.
The traditional rice varieties in
the Organic Uyir Health mix include Kullankar, Poonkar, Mappillai Samba,
Kattuyanam, Navara, Karuppukavuni, and Moongil Rice. The mix also contains the
millets such as Kuthiraivali, also known as Barnyard millet, Samai, also known
as Little millet, Varagu, popularly known as Kodo millet, and Ragi, also known
as Finger millet. It also has additional grains: Green Gram, also known as
Pachai Payiru, Moth Bean, also known as Nari Payiru, and Horse Gram, also known
as Kollu. Organic Uyir Health Mix contains cereals like Red Sorghum, Sorghum,
Maize, Wheat, Bengal Gram, and Barley. Also, it has Thippili, or long Pepper, Cardamom,
and Dry Ginger.
Benefits of Organic Uyir Health Mix

The benefits of the organic Uyir Health Mix are provided as

·Traditional rice varieties included in the Uyir
health mix are nutrient-dense, have medicinal potential, and have a low
glycemic index.

·Millets are high in iron, calcium, magnesium,
phosphorus, potassium, and selenium, as well as the essential vitamins B, C, E,
and K.
·Pulses have a high fibre content, a low glycemic
index, and are high in iron, zinc, folate, and magnesium.
Cereals provide calcium, protein, omega-3 fatty
acids, zinc, copper, and manganese, among other nutrients. They are high in
fibre and minerals.
·Spices included in the organic Uyir health mix
could help with digestion, blood sugar control, and cold treatment. It aids in
the treatment of stomach pain and discomfort.
How to use Organic Uyir Health Mix?·
Bring .1 of water to a boil in a pan
· To make the porridge, stir two teaspoons of Organic
Uyir Health Mix in .1 of plain water.
· Add this mixture to the boiling water on a
medium flame and whisk continuously without lumps.
·When a pleasant aroma emerges, the porridge is

·This porridge can be served with either milk and
sugar or buttermilk and salt (with slices of small onions-optional.)

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