Rice Seeraga Samba (Raw) 1kg / சீரகசம்பா அரிசி - Uyir Organic

Rice Seeraga Samba (Raw) 1kg / சீரகசம்பா அரிசி

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Organic Seeraga Samba Rice
Organic Seeraga Samba rice is a special product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Despite its expensive price and small size, the Seeraga Samba rice’s unusual capacity to absorb flavour has made it extremely popular at home and in the hospitality industry. Seeraga Samba rice derives its name from the grain’s shape, resembling useful cumin seeds called “Seeragam” in Tamil. The term “Samba” refers to the harvesting season between August and January.
Organic Seeraga Samba rice is loaded with phytonutrients. It aids in the fight against cancer, lowers cholesterol, prevents heart attacks, and alleviates constipation. It is a diabetic-friendly, low-GI food that helps keep blood sugar levels under control.

Benefits of Organic Seeraga Samba Rice
The benefits of organic Seeraga Samba rice are provided as follows:
• Organic Seeraga Samba rice is an excellent source of energy.
• It has the potential to aid in cancer prevention.
• It may help with weight loss.
• Organic Seeraga Samba rice could help you maintain your optimal weight.
• It may prevent hormonal irregularities caused by the thyroid gland.
• It might be beneficial for regulating blood pressure.
• Organic Seeraga Samba rice has a low glycemic index, indicating that it requires more time to digest.
• It may assist people who suffer from constipation.

How to use Organic Seeraga Samba Rice?
• Commonly, organic Seeraga Samba rice is used to prepare Biriyani.
• Organic Seeraga Samba rice can be eaten as plain rice with sambar and curries.

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