Dresswash Powder 500g / துணி துவைக்கும் பொடி

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Herbal Dress Wash Powder
Herbal Dress Wash Powder by Uyir Organic Farmers Market is the best way to care for your clothes the way they should be cared for. It is an eco-friendly fabric wash powder that promises clean, soft, fresh clothes and smells good. Its gentle cleaning stops fabric from fading, getting rough, and losing its texture. The ingredients can be used to condition any kind of fabric. It does not have any dangerous chemicals in it.
You no longer have to choose between what is efficient, what is good for your health and your family’s health, and what is good for the environment. Herbal Dress Wash powder is safe for kids and pets to use, does not hurt the skin, and leaves behind a pleasant scent. Made in India, Herbal Dress Wash Liquid is specially made with herbal ingredients to clean your clothes without using toxic or chemical cleaners. You could buy high-quality, environmentally friendly products at a fair price at Uyir Organic Farmers Market.

Benefits of Herbal Dress Wash Powder
The benefits of Herbal Dress Wash Powder are provided as follows:
• This Herbal Dress Wash Powder will help your clothes last longer.
• It is entirely harmless to the skin.
• Herbal Dress Wash Powder contains no harmful chemicals.
• It has no adverse environmental effects.

How to use it?
• For Bucket Wash: mix the required amount of herbal dress wash Powder in half a bucket of water.
• After soaking your clothing in water for 30 minutes, follow your standard washing instructions.
• For Machine Wash: It can be used in front-load and top-load washing machines.

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