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Castor Seeds 100g / ஆமணக்கு

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வயிற்றுவலி, சிறுநீர் அடைப்பு, வீக்கம் ஆகியவற்றைப் போக்கும். ஆமணக்கு மலமிளக்கும்; வறட்சியகற்றும். இட்லி மாவு ஆட்டும் பொழுது சிறிது ஆமணக்கை சேர்த்தினால் இட்லி சுவையாகவும் பஞ்சுபோன்று மிருதாகவும் இருக்கும். குழந்தைகள் விரும்பி உண்பார்கள்


Organic Castor Seeds
Organic Flax Seeds, or “Aamanaku,” is a special product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Organic Castor seeds have a wide range of applications in the medical, industrial, and pharmaceutical fields. Castor oil is commonly found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and skin care products, in addition to its widespread use as a lubricant in industry and as a component of biodiesel fuel.

Benefits of Organic Castor Seeds
The benefits of organic Castor Seeds are provided as follows:
• Organic castor seeds have been shown to relieve abdominal pain.
• They have been found to help treat urinary obstruction.
• Organic castor seeds may help to reduce swelling.
• They have long been used as a laxative.

How to use Organic Castor Seeds?
• By combining these organic castor seeds with the idli or dosa batter, we can prepare the dishes.
• If you add some organic castor seeds while kneading the idli batter, the resulting idlis will be flavourful and fluffy. Children enjoy these Idlis made with organic castor seeds.


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