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Bajji Bonda Mix 200g / பஜ்ஜி போண்டா மிக்ஸ்

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Organic Bajji Bonda Mix
Organic Bajji
Bonda Mix is a fine product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. The perfect
country street snack is now so simple to cook at home. Make crunchy Bajjis,
delectable Bondas, or sizzling hot Pakodas as an addition to your evening tea.
Organic Bajji Bonda Mix is a simple
mix that may be used to make Indian snacks such as Bajji, Bonda, or Pakoda.
Most Indian appetisers go well with Bajji, Bonda, or Pakoda, which are easy to
prepare. The ingredients included are Gram Flour, Rice, and Red Chilli Powder.

Benefits of Organic Bajji Bonda Mix

The benefits of the organic Bajji Bonda Mix are provided as

Organic Bajji Bonda is free from preservatives,
artificial colours, and flavours.
It is often fresher and has a better taste and
smell than non-organic options.
Eating organic foods is believed to have health
benefits, such as a lower risk of certain diseases and improved overall health.
No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in
producing organic Bajji Bonda mix, making it safer for consumption.
Organic Bajji Bonda Mix is more nutritious than
non-organic products.
It can be considered a better option for people
who are health conscious and want to ensure they are getting the best quality

It is more environmentally sustainable as it
does not rely on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

How to use Organic Bajji Bonda Mix?·
Take a bowl and add the required quantity of
Organic Bajji Bonda Mix and water. Mix it well and make a thick batter.·
Heat oil in a pan for frying.
Dip the sliced vegetables in the prepared
batter, and deep fry them in hot oil till it becomes golden brown.

Drain the excess oil and serve hot with chutney
or sauce of your choice.

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