Fennel / சோம்பு


 தினமும் சோம்பு தண்ணீர் குடிச்சு வந்தா உடல் எடையைக் குறைக்கலாம். சீரகம், சோம்பு , வெந்தயம் போன்றவற்றை பயன்படுத்தி நாம் அன்றாட குடிநீரையே மருத்துவ குடிநீராக மாற்றலாம்.

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It is a greenish-brown, small oval seed from a plant in the parsley family. It is a cooling and sweet-smelling herb that is used in different cooking preparations as well. It is eaten for its carminative and digestive properties and is regularly served at the end of a meal as a mouth freshener. It creates enjoyable odour and enhances the flavor it is added to the stuffs you use.


Fennel seeds are considered quite useful for relieving various ailments, ranging from congestion and stomach gas to asthma and diabetes. The seeds contain powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants, the most potent of them being anethole, which makes them highly nutritious and powerful. Also called semillas de hinojo in Spanish, graines de fenouil in French, and budhur alfianal in Arabic, the seeds are too beneficial to ignore.

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