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Uyir Smart Pack – Grocery


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30th Dec 2019 – Ends on 8th Jan 2020

30 Organic Products + (Nature Bath Soap, Health Mix, Multi Flower Honey, Moringa Leaf Powder)

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Enjoy life from today, Don’t just Survive.

All the products which are being offered are brought to you from “Uyir Farmers” the best natural and organic farmers in the country. The grocery products which you use daily from this smart pack will be of the highest quality, wonderful in taste and rich in aroma along with all the nutrition’s intact, your body will feel the difference within a week of using these products. Today decide to give The Best to yourself and to your Family and avoid hospitals permanently.

Make the Smart Choice, Buy Smart Pack – Grocery 

Make sure to use the finest samples given along with this Pack.


  • Meals 2Kg,
  • Briyani 1Kg
  • Poha 500Gm


  • Bengal 500 Gm
  • Green 500Gm
  • Roasted 500Gm


  • Toor 1 Kg
  • Moong 500Gm
  • Chenna 500Gm


  • Flour 1Kg
  • Rava 500Gm

Powder :

  • Turmeric 100Gm
  • Red Chilli 100Gm
  • Coriander 100Gm
  • Sambar 100Gm
  • Rasam 100Gm
  • Asafoetida 50Gm


  • Ground Nut 500Gm
  • Raw Sugar 1Kg
  • Rock Salt 1Kg
  • Tamarind 250 Gm
  • Black Pepper 100Gm
  • Red Chilli 100Gm
  • Fenugreek 100Gm
  • Mustard 100Gm
  • Cumin 100Gm
  • Fennel 100Gm
  • Cardamom 10Gm
  • Cinnamon 10Gm
  • Clove 10Gm.

Samples Included

  • Nature Bath Soap
  • Health Mix
  • Multi Flower Honey
  • Moringa Leaf Powder



Is it Organic?

All the products which are sold by us are 100% Organic and we do not use any synthetic chemicals in producing these products.


How Should I believe it?

Uyir farmers market is more committed to creating a healthy society and is more concerned about its trustworthiness. We have more than 10000 satisfied customers without any compliant till date. Apart from this our customers can visit any of our farmer’s Farm any time for inspection even without any notice if they wish.  


Will this be enough for 1 month?

The grocery products are designed for 2 adults and 2 children’s for a month.  


Will the 2Kg Rice be enough for 1 month?

This is smart pack grocery but when you use this with our organic rice in your meals you will get a better result and feel the healthy difference within a week, so the rice which we have included here will be enough for a week.


Why only pre-booking?

The most difficult part of our operation is the production of these organic products, there will always be a short supply of products throughout the year due to season, storage, natural calamities etc… So giving 30 products in one pack is very difficult task hence it is very limited. Note we do not buy and sell from traders.  


How should I use this?

Use this pack regularly along with our oil products for better results and if possible use organic vegetables near your locality.


What will be the price difference for the same products if I purchase separately from Uyir?

This uyir smart pack grocery will cost you approximately Rs.100/- less.


What will be the price difference from other grocery shops?

The price difference for the same inorganic products will be approximately Rs.300/- lesser but if you decide to spend as little as Rs.10/- extra per day for you and your family the additional benefits will be enormous.


What and Why are the additional samples?

These samples worth Rs.100/- are given by our uyir farmers to promote their products and for you, we try to bring down your cost of shipment. It is a mutual benefit to both our uyir farmers and uyir customers.

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