Uyir Health Mix 500g / உயிர் சத்து மாவு

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*****Low glycemic index and diabetic friendly*****

How a Health mix should be?
 An all natural multigrain blend more nutritious for breakfast and evening snack.
 A balanced meal containing proteins for strength carbohydrates and healthy fat for energy,
natural vitamins, micro and macro nutrients like Calcium, Iron, phosphorous,magnesium to
ensure normal metabolism, growth and physical well being
Without good nutrition our body is prone to disease, infection, fatigue and poor performance
Does bunch of health mix available in market fulfil the balanced nutrition???????
Do you know the ingredients in it?

o we specially formulated Uyir Health Mix (UHM) with wisely chosen blend of Traditional
rice varieties, Millets , Pulses, Cereals and spices

Let us know the health benefits of the UHM ingredients

Traditional rice varieties (Red rice)
1. Kullankar
2. Poonkar
3. Mappillai samba
4. Kattuyanam
5. Navara
6. Karuppu kavuni
7. Moongil Rice

1. Ragi (Finger millet)
2. Samai(Little millet)
3. Varagu (Kodo millet)
4. Kuthiraivali (Barnyard millet)

1. Green gram (Pachai payaru)
2. Moth bean (Nari payaru)
3. Horse gram (Kollu)

1. Sorghum2. Red sorghum
3. Maize
4. Wheat
5. Bengal gram
6. Barley


1. Dry ginger
2. Cardamom
3. Thippili

Health benefits

Traditional rice varieties
All varieties have high nutrients, big medicinal properties and low glycemic index.
 It is a rejuvenator and improves the immune system
 Rich in Zinc, Iron, Calcium, fibre, anthocyanin, vitamin B, thiamine, riboflavin,
 Antioxidant properties
 Overcomes vitamin deficiency
 Controls bad cholesterol, blood sugar, ulcer and rheumatic pain
 Increases haemoglobin
 Reduces body heat

 Rich in Iron, Calcium,magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and selenium as well as essential
vitamins B, C, E and K
 Detoxifies th e body
 Controls cholesterol level
 Low glycemic index
 Aids in digestion
 Reduces cancer risks
 Strengthens nervous system
 Protects heart health
 Prevents Asthma

 Low glycemic index
 High in fibre
 Rich in iron, zinc, folate and magnesium
 Antioxidant and anti carcinogenic effects
 Maintain blood glucose and insulin levels


 High in source of protein, calcium, omega-3,zinc, copper,manganese
 High amount of minerals and fibre
 Source of vitamins
 Prevents cancer, constipation
 Maintains blood sugar level

 Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
 Improves digestion
 Cure cold
 Pain relief medicine
 Cure stomach upset

Recommended for consumption from the age of 1.5 to all age group.

Preparation method
 Boil 100ml of water in a pan
 For making the porridge, mix two teaspoon of Uyir Health Mix in 100ml of plain water
without lumps
 Add this mixture to the boiling water and stir continuously without lumps in medium flame
 The porridge is cooked when a nice aroma arises
 This porridge can be had with milk and sugar or with buttermilk and salt ( with the slice of
small onions-optional)

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    Very tasty.My children are very much interested to drink

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