Noni Juice 1 ltr / நோனிப்பழ சாறு

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சர்க்கரை வியாதியை குணப்படுத்தும். இரத்தத்தில் உள்ள கொழுப்புகளை அகற்றும். இரத்த குழாய்களை சுத்தப்படுத்தும். மாரடைப்பு வராமல் தடுக்கும். உடல் பருமனை குறைக்கும். இளமையை குடுக்கும். தினசரி காலை மற்றும் இரவில் சாப்பாட்டுக்கும் கால் மணி நேரம் முன்பு ஒரு டம்ளர் தண்ணீரில் 15 மில்லி கலந்து குடிக்க வேண்டும். சிறுவர்களுக்கு ஐந்து மில்லி போதும்.

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15 reviews for Noni Juice 1 ltr / நோனிப்பழ சாறு

  1. Venugopal

    Cant able to order online fix the bugs.

    • uyirorganic

      ok, Thank You

  2. mk615130

    Is it available in 1/2 lit bottle?

    • uyirorganic


      • uyirorganic

        Thank you

  3. Iliyas

    Am unable to order online….while I select it does not go to cart and further payment method…please fix this

    • kgkathirvel1981

      Pls try Again

  4. raghulvelu4

    What are the ingredients added in this juice?

    • uyirorganic

      99 percentage noni Fruit juice, 0.5 percentage natural nattu honey, 0.5 percentage nattu ginger juice

  5. Sethuraman

    Hi, I want to order Nony juice.
    8072526482. Dindigul. How I get this. When I called to Erode shop they told to order online. But here there is no order option . I want immediately. What should I do?

    • uyirorganic

      Pls Call – 8940661144

  6. ponmariappan.a

    HI,I m from can I order this sir?Pls tell us

    • uyirorganic

      Pls call-8940661144

    • uyirorganic

      தேவையான எண்ணிகையை தேர்ந்தெடுக்கவும். பின்னர் cart-ல் சேர்க்கவும். cart திறந்து உங்கள் ஆர்டரை இறுதி செய்யவும்

  7. KMM .Lafeer

    I am from Sri Lanka. How can i get this NONI jus in Sri Lanka ?

    • uyirorganic

      தமிழகத்தில் இருந்து உங்கள் நண்பர் அல்லது உறவினர் யாரேனும் அங்கு வந்தால் வாங்கி வரச்சொல்லுங்க

  8. Velliangiri

    Sir can u tell the erode shop address

    • uyirorganic

      Uyir Organic Farmers Market, 42, Bhuvanam Illam, Erode – 1 ( Near kalaimagal Primary School ) 8695331144

  9. Sankar

    Is it good for type1 diabetes,

    • kgkathirvel1981

      Yes, thanks.

  10. Premkumar (verified owner)

    First benefit constipation relief. Only one bottle I have consumed. I have planned to consume Noni and Panchkavya on alternate days. Panchkavya is costlier compared to Noni.

  11. rajeesh.raghavan (verified owner)

    Hi, can a pregnant woman and kids aged 10 consume Noni juice? If yes, how much ml?

    • UyirorganicProduct Department

      Dear Sir kids consumed 5ml per time twice a day. pregnant woman’s consumed based on their body condition 5ml per time twice a day. More details plz call 8940661144

  12. aruna.devi96 (verified owner)

    Am Aruna from Bangalore. My friend suggest this to consume for a week. Its really good. I feel really better.

  13. B.prasad (verified owner)

    I am very happy after using this none juice. Its just a month now that I have been using this and I am happy with the result. No more taking medicines. Noni is a wonderull and a miracle product for a diabetic and blood pressure patients. Thank you uyir for giving me this product. Hats off to the team who are behind this. God bless. Ordering my next bottle in few days.

  14. B.prasad (verified owner)

    The best

  15. Kathiravan (verified owner)

    First 1 litre bottle of Noni juice is perfect. But the second bottle, I could able to see honey sedimentation as layers due to excess proposition. Can the diabetes patients consume more honey.?? My father of age 68 stopped taking this juice since the sugar has increased drastically. Please take this feedback as serious and prepare the juice with previous proposition.

    • kgkathirvel1981 (verified owner)

      Dear Sir
      Thanks for writing us.Our noni jucie 1ltr contents are 920ml noni juice and 30ml ginger juice and 50 Ml raw honey only .we take care your issues and check with our end.

      Thanks And Regrds
      Uyir Online Team

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