Ghee Desi Cow / நாட்டுமாட்டு நெய்

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மருத்துவ குணங்கள் சொரிந்து காணப்படும் தேசி நெய்யை கொண்டு எந்த நோயையும் விரட்டியடிக்கலாம், தடுத்து நிறுத்தலாம். வயிற்று பிரச்சினைகள், குடல் நோய், ஆண்மைக்குறைவு, நோய் எதிர்ப்பு சக்தி இழப்பு, உடல் பருமன், கண் நோய், சரும நோய்கள் உள்ளிட்ட பல நோய்களை தீர்க்க முடியும்

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Desi Cow Ghee is similar to clarified butter, which is produced by heating butter to remove the milk solids and water. However, in comparing ghee vs. clarified butter, ghee is simmered longer to bring out the butter’s inherent nutty flavor and is left with a higher smoke point than butter, meaning that it can be heated to a higher temperature before it starts to smoke.


DESI COW  Ghee Benefits:

1. It Has a High Smoke Point

The smoke point is the temperature at which an oil begins to burn and smoke. Not only does heating a cooking fat above its smoke point put it at a greater risk of hitting its flash point and causing a fire, but it also breaks down important phytonutrients and causes the fat to oxidize and form harmful free radicals.

2. It’s Packed with Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Adding a few servings of ghee into your day is an excellent way to squeeze in some extra fat-soluble vitamins. Ghee can help boost your intake of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K, all important nutrients that play a role in everything from maintaining healthy vision to keeping your skin glowing.

3. It’s Free of Lactose and Casein

One of the best ghee benefits is that it’s free of lactose and casein protein. Some individuals have a milk allergy, which may stem from a heightened sensitivity to casein, and others may be hypersensitive to lactose.

4. It Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Ghee is jam-packed with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid associated with a long list of health benefits. Some studies have found that CLA may be effective in reducing body fat, preventing cancer formation, alleviating inflammation and even lowering blood pressure.

5. It’s Loaded with Butyrate

Butyrate, or butyric acid, is a short-chain fatty acid that plays a central role in gut health. Some studies have suggested that it may help support healthy insulin levels, fight off inflammation, and provide relief for individuals suffering from conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

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