Panchakavya 1 Ltr / பஞ்சகவ்வியம

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Uyir Panchakavya is a scientifically prepared natural mixture consists of five cow products – Cow Gomuthra, Cow dung, milk, curd , ghee and fruits in appropriate compostion

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Benefits :

  1. Increases immunity of plants to fight diseases; cures already infested plants.
  2. Stimulates growth of plants with more branches and induces dense flowering with more female flowers.
  3. Uyir Panchakavya can also be used for seed treatment, seedling treatment and storage, etc.,
  4. Possess almost all the major nutrients, micro nutrients and growth hormones (IAA & GA) required for crop growth.
  5. Plants sprayed with Uyir Panchakavya invariably produce bigger leaves and develop denser canopy. The photosynthetic system is activated for enhanced biological efficiency, enabling synthesis of maximum metabolites and photosynthates.
  6. The rooting is profuse and dense. Further they remain fresh for a long time. The roots spread and grow into deeper layers and all such roots help maximum intake of nutrients and water.
  7. The harvest is advanced by 15 days in all the crops. It not only enhances the shelf life of vegetables, fruits and grains, but also improves the taste.
  8. A thin oily film is formed on the leaves and stems, thus reducing the evaporation of water. The deep and extensive roots developed by the plants allow withstanding long dry periods. Both the above factors contribute to reduce the irrigation water requirement by 30% and to ensure drought hardiness.




  1. Foliar Application

Mix 5 to 10 ml per Lit of Uyir Panchakavya in water and spray during morning or evening hours using power or hand sprayer.

  1. Soil Application

Apply 3 litres per acre of Uyir Panchakavya either through drip irrigation or flood irrigation.

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4 reviews for Panchakavya 1 Ltr / பஞ்சகவ்வியம

  1. Rajesh Kumar K R

    Nice to see the Panchakavya product in Uyir. Thanks to Uyri Organic.

    • uyirorganic


  2. Prasath

    Can I drink this?

    • kgkathirvel1981


  3. siva1385 (verified owner)



    Awesome product.

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